Avon Lake High School Guidance Department

Guidance Department Summer Hours (Please note that the main office will be closed-- Please enter through the Board Office located on Route 83)

8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

The guidance office will be open on Tuesdays throughout the summer to assist ALL students and their families. To schedule an appointment, please visit the counselor's link below based on who will be available:

          June 22nd:    Mr. Kaminski

          June 29th:    Mrs. Grieger

          July 6th:        Mr. Skierski

          July 13th:      Mr. Skierski

          July 20th:       Mrs. Grieger

          July 27th:       Mr. Kaminski

          August 3rd:    Mrs. Grieger

          August 10th:   Mr. Kaminski

All Counselors will return to the office on Thursday, August 12th. 

Avon Lake High School Guidance Office will be operating by appointment only . All parents/students that would like to meet with their counselor will need to set up an appointment by clicking on the appropriate counselor’s Google Calendar.
Counselor Calendar Links  ALL MEETINGS ARE "IN PERSON" IN THE GUIDANCE OFFICE (not on Google Meet)


Allen Skierski (A-G): https://tinyurl.com/SkierskiGuidance
Erin Grieger (H-O):  https://tinyurl.com/GriegerGuidance
Michael Kaminski (P-Z) https://tinyurl.com/MrKaminski

The goal of the Counseling Department at Avon Lake High School is to meet the individual needs of every student - academic, social and emotional. Counselors support students, parents and staff as they develop trusting relationships throughout the high school tenure. Communication between students, parents and staff is a critical component to ensure positive high school experiences and appropriate college/career planning for all students.

We encourage students to stop by with questions, concerns, problems or just to say hi and let us get to know them. Students interested in seeing their counselor are asked to sign into the Guidance Office with our secretary Mrs. Christine Delili. Mrs. Delili will check to see if your counselor is available. If we are not immediately available, each counselor has a sign-up sheet outside their office and we want students to sign up to see us during their study hall or lunch. Once signed up, Mrs. Delili will issue a pass and students need only show their pass to their study hall monitor and drop by at the time they have chosen.

We hope you have a great school year and look forward to seeing you!

Counseling Staff

The counselor for each student is listed below.  Please feel free to contact them by email or phone at 440-933-8135 as follows:

Mr. Allen Skierski
(Serving all students A-G)

Mrs. Erin Grieger
(Serving all students H-O)

Mr. Michael Kaminski- Department Chair
(Serving all students P-Z)

Contact Information

Phone: 440-933-8135
Hours: 7:15am- 3:15pm
Twitter: @ALHSGuidance
Guidance Counseling Website