Common Scholarship

Please Note: The Common Scholarship Program is offered in February of the student's senior year. Please be sure to check back at that time. In the interim, be sure to check the "Financial Aid and Scholarship Information" tab for scholarships currently available to you. Common Scholarship Program offered through ALHS Welcome Class of 2019 and best of luck to each and every one of you!! All instructions for the Common Scholarship can be found in The Avon Lake Common Scholarship Packet (below). Use this packet as your worksheet. This packet includes your directions along with a listing of all scholarships available (including those listed below that have additional requirements). DEADLINE: 3:00 p.m. Thursday, February 28, 2019.

The Avon Lake Common Scholarship Packet

Request for Unofficial Transcript

Additional Requirements are requested for the following scholarships:

  • Avon Lake Education Association
  • Avon Lake High School Choral Music Boosters
  • Avon Lake High School PTA Scholarship
  • Council Challenge Scholarship
  • Vocational or Associate's Degree Scholarship
  • Avon Lake PTA Council Leadership Award
  • Avon Lake Principal's Award
  • Avon Lake Shoremen/Shoregals Pride
  • B.A.S.I.C. Cheerleading Scholarship
  • Eastview PTA Community Spirit Scholarship
  • Erieview PTA Eagle Excellence College Scholarship
  • Ford Motor Company
  • Learwood PTA Service Scholarship
  • Westview PTA Andrew Marko Book Scholarship
  • PEP Club Book Scholarship
  • ALYBF Scholarship
  • ALHS Athletics Boosters Scholarship
  • Kiwanis--Deadline March 12, 2018
  • North Coast Chamber of Commerce--Deadline March 23, 2018
  • Rotary Student Scholarship--Deadline March 23,2018
  • VFW Scholarship

Additional Requirements requested for the following Memorial Scholarships:

  • Martha Winnen Ferguson Memorial Scholarship
  • Captain Michael Joseph Medders Memorial Scholarship
  • Jason K. Meiners Memorial Scholarship
  • Redwood PTA Jimmy Smith Memorial Scholarship
  • Gino Strippoli Memorial Scholarship/Avon Lake Soccer Organization
  • Al Buckeye Memorial Scholarship