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Students often feel intimidated by the college search process. Knowing which school will best meet your needs can seem overwhelming at times, so listed below are some websites that can be useful in your college search process. Petersons College Search College Board College Planning Ohio's Private Colleges Ohio Private Universities Ohio Public Universities and Colleges Virtual Campus Tours College Visits

*ALCS does not endorse the content of websites noted. These are posted merely as references.


OACAC: Virtual College Exploration; Register here!

NACAC College Fair: Register here!

Top Online Colleges in Ohio:

Accredited Schools in Ohio:

Universities and Colleges in Ohio:

Accredited Schools that Offer Laptops:

Community College Guidebook:

2021 College Update Night: This informative session is helpful for both students and parents as you navigate the college application process. Information presented by the ALHS Guidance Department and Mr. Keith Lofton, Undergraduate Admissions at The Ohio State University.

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