Welcome to Avon Lake City Schools

August 23, 2022 was the 100th first day of school for Avon Lake City School District. The brass plaque outside my office reads 1923 as the dedication year of this, the original Avon Lake kindergarten to 12th grade school building. In the hall outside the District Office is the class portrait of the first graduating class from Avon Lake City School District in 1926, all five graduates.

In June of 2022, 318 students graduated from the Avon Lake City School District. Almost 3,900 students occupied seven buildings. Instead of “slate tablets” in their hands students carried hand-sized computers. Difference after difference could be pointed out a century after the first students arrived in a sparkling, modern new consolidated school building, but what I believe is truly important are the similarities.

Avon Lake City School students thrive because of a social and academic foundation that is based on tradition. A 1923 student might be shocked by the 2022-2023 world, but they would recognize the culture that allowed students to be successful back then, and will allow the students a century later to graduate with every opportunity for success in 2023 and beyond. Dedicated, hardworking students, involved families, an outstanding staff, extensive curricular, co-curricular, and extra-curricular opportunities, and a supportive community was and is still a tradition that works.

100 Years of Avon Lake City Schools LogoAround the state and country I see schools and school districts promoting the 2022-2023 school year as an opportunity to “reset” after the challenges of the last couple of school years. Avon Lake City Schools are not “resetting.” Avon Lake students have and are ready to continue to excel in all areas. I am excited about this new school year on all levels. Together we will continue to meet the needs of every student.

Watch for the hashtag #ALCS100 as we celebrate the Avon Lake City School District’s Centennial. Thank you to ALHS senior Fred Davis for designing the Centennial celebration logo pictured above and will be throughout our celebration.

I look forward to seeing everyone throughout the upcoming school year! There are many activities at all levels to be excited about. The 2022-2023 school year is shaping up to be excellent (again)!



Bob Scott
Avon Lake City Schools