Welcome to the Department of Operations

The Department of Operations provides support in service to the district's mission of a commitment to personalized educational excellence. The department consists of the following areas:

With every mile driven, every meal served, every mechanical issue rectified - and so much more, we aim to serve the district to the best of our ability.

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Department Contacts


Tina Oster, Administrative Assistant to the Director of Operations

Board of Education / District Offices

(440) 933-6210, Ext. 1525



Laurie Spreng, Secretary - HR Support Staff

Board of Education / District Offices

(440) 933-6210, Ext. 1517



Sue Cole, Transportation Director

Transportation Center (33480 Pin Oak Pkwy)

(440) 933-9802, Ext. 1592



Scott Dalgleish, Lawn & Landscape Supervisor

(440) 933-6210, Ext. 1634



Bruce Kauffman, Maintenance/Custodial Supervisor

Board of Education / District Offices

(440) 933-6210, Ext. 1583



Andrea Sokolow, Food Service Supervisor

Board of Education / District Offices

(440) 930-8215, Ext. 1522



Corrie Taips, Head Nurse

Eastview / Learwood

(440) 933-6210, Ext. 3209 (Eastview); Ext. 2901 (Learwood)


Photo of Dr. Ned W. Lauver
Dr. Ned W. Lauver
Director of Operations
Avon Lake City Schools
Telephone: (440) 933-6210 x1512