Welcome to the Transportation Department of Avon Lake City Schools!

Parents/Bus Riders:

Avon Lake City School District only transports students in grades Kdg through 8th grade - (No High School Busing available)

Avon Lake will not provide transportation to any schools when Avon Lake is off due to the weather.  If Avon Lake closes due to COVID, we will transport our Private, JVS  and Special Routes.


If you are new to riding the bus and are looking for your bus stop and/or time, you can click on the AM & PM Routes section listed below.  They are not updated on a regular basis, so please be prepared for the scheduled stop time to possibly be off by 5-10 minutes either way.  We are constantly adding new students to the buses and the routes may be adjusted accordingly.  If you are unsure, please feel free to call the Transportation Department @ 440-933-9802.

Buses transport to and from all of the commercial daycare centers in Avon Lake for all of the Elementary schools and Troy school.  Elementary students must have the same bus stop all 5 days for either AM or PM buses.  Ex; students can be bused from home in the AM (all 5 days) and to the daycare in the PM (all 5 days) or vice versa but they CANNOT be bused to the daycare 3 days and home the other 2 days for AM and/or PM.

The Walk Zone this school year will be 1 mile from home to school (unless crossing a busy street, ex: St. Rt. 83 - Lake Road).   Buses do not go into cul-de-sacs.  Driver’s do NOT have to see a parent at the stop for PM routes, grades 1-6 (except for KDG) unless a parent specifically tells the driver otherwise.

State Law also requires students to be at the bus stop (at their “Place of Safety”, which is determined by the bus driver) 5 minutes prior to the scheduled stop time.  These times may be subject to change within the first couple of weeks of school but we will communicate these times changes by written communication from the bus driver if your route will be affected.  If you are new to the district or perhaps made a move within the district, be sure to contact the Registrar and/or your student(s) school with any changes.  We are receiving additions/changes/deletions on a daily basis which does affect the routing and times, so be sure to check back to the schools website for the most current copy of routing with those times. 

We look forward to getting the new school year underway and appreciate everyone’s patience the first week of school as drivers and students are getting settled into their routines.  It is very common for buses to be running late the first week of school, especially in the afternoon.  The buses are always delayed leaving the schools as they are making sure that all students have gotten on the correct buses, learning students names and assigning seats.  I hope that this information has been helpful and has answered many of the questions that we do receive here at the bus garage.

Thank you,

Sue M. Cole
Transportation Supervisor 

Contact Information:

Sue Cole, Transportation Director
Charlene Cardamone, Transportation Center Assistant
Transportation Phone: 440 933-9802

Avon Lake City Schools
Transportation Center
33480 Pin Oak Parkway
Avon Lake, Ohio 44012


  • AM Bus Routes
  • PM Bus Routes
  • Midday Kdg & LEAPS Routes
  • Commercial Day Care List
  • Students will be seated 2 to a seat in the order of pick up from back to front and vice-versa  for drop off in the afternoon.
  • Students must wear a mask.
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers will be located at the door of the bus.
  • Buses will be sanitized after AM routes, Kindergarten midday routes and PM Routes.
  • Transportation Request Form - This form is only required if student needs a bus stop location other than home: ex. Shared Parenting, Day Care.
  • The bus runs may be updated, so continue to check the website for updates to your student's bus route.    
  • All stops and times are subject to change.
  • Please have students at their bus stop on their resident side of the street, in the "Driver's Designated Place of Safety" five minutes prior to scheduled bus stop time of arrival.    
  • Students must follow all Bus Safety Rules to maintain riding privileges.
  • Remember, buses could be running late the first few days of schools.
  • The Drivers will do their best to keep to the scheduled bus route.