Pupil Services

The ALCS Department of Pupil Services oversees a vast range of support services within the Avon Lake City School District that assists our students to benefit from the many educational programs offered throughout our district. We provide a wealth of services for students from preschool through high school with programming that encompasses prescriptive interventions of Special Education services and also challenging academic experiences for our advanced students.

The Avon Lake City School District provides a comprehensive system for identifying and addressing the individual needs of students.  We are committed to providing a quality education to all students, including those with special needs, gifted needs, ESL needs and Preschool needs. 

Our school district offers a legally mandated continuum of services for students with special needs.  Our students are provided service within the least restrictive environment in a cross categorical manner.  This means that regardless of the student’s disability, students are educated in the environment that is best suited or adapted to meet the individual’s needs. 

Our English as a Second Language Program is designed to help English Language Learner (ELL) students overcome their linguistic, cultural and language difficulties to assure that they receive an equal educational opportunity.

Our preschool program serves children ages three through five who demonstrate developmental delays or disabilities in language development, motor skills, cognition, socialization, behavioral/emotional growth, and or adaptive behaviors.

Office Hours
7:30 am - 4:30 pm
Monday – Friday

Dr. Daniel P. Murdock Sr.

Dr. Daniel P. Murdock Sr. 
Director of Pupil Services / Special Education
(440) 933-4829


Department Secretaries

Marlene Eiermann
(440) 933-4829, Ext. 1505

Maria Szarek
(440) 933-4829, Ext. 1499

The Office of Pupil Services oversees the following student services:

  • Special Education Services
  • Central Registration
  • English Language Learners (ELL)
  • Gifted Education Services
  • Psychologists and Assessment Services
  • Guidance Counselor Services
  • Health Services
  • Preschool (LEAPS)
  • Child Find
  • ADA Section 504 Compliance
  • Speech Language Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Audiology & Vision Specialists
  • Adapted Physical Education
  • Orientation & Mobility
  • Special Olympics
  • Coordination of intervention and identification
  • Home Schooling
  • Residency and Custody Verification
  • Help Me Grow Contact
  • Ohio’s State Tests (OST)
  • Transcript Requests/Student Records
  • Home-bound Instruction
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School Psychologists
Name School Email Phone
William Richards High School/Learwood Bill Richards (440) 933-4829, Ext. 1509
Lauren Janus Eastview, Westview Lauren Janus (440) 933-6283, Ext. 3204
Stacie Packard LEAPS Stacie Packard (440) 933-5145, Ext. 6218
Rachael Folkman Redwood, Erieview Rachael Folkman (440) 933-5145, Ext. 6019, 4118
Michael Shockey Troy/LCJVS Michael Shockey (440) 933-2701, Ext. 7513

Speech Language Pathologists

Name School Email Phone
Catherine Rachek Eastview, Erieview Catherine Rachek (440) 933-8131, Ext. 5211
Brenda Brenner Troy, Redwood Brenda Brenner (440) 933-2701, Ext. 7504
Michelle Hill High School, Learwood Michelle Hill (440) 933-6290, Ext. 1179
Debbie Wakefield LEAPS Debbie Wakefield (440) 933-8226, Ext. 6007
Kim Smola Westview Kim Smola (440) 933-6282, Ext. 5211
Lisa O'Connor LEAPS Lisa O'Connor (440) 933-8226, Ext. 6208
Shelly Hills St. Joseph   (440) 933-5112

District Therapists

Name School Email Phone
Maggie Elamin (OT) Maggie Elamin (440) 933-6290, Ext. 6112
Lisa Harasimchuk (COTA) Lisa Harasimchuk (440) 933-6290, Ext. 5015
Karen Francy (PT) Karen Francy (440) 933-6290, Ext. 6114
Angela Barnes (VI) Angela Barnes (440) 324-5777, Ext. 1122
Brook Lewis (O&M) Brook Lewis (440) 324-5777, Ext. 1122
Crystal Henry (Audiology) Crystal Henry (440) 324-3178, Ext.1255
Alice Kenny/Sara Legarth (HI)   (440) 324-5777
Tara Quinn (BCBA)   (440) 933-4829


Name School Email Phone
Becky Busch Redwood, Erieview   (440) 933-6210, Ext. 6102/4203
Kandice Carson Troy, St. Joseph   (440) 933-6210, Ext. 7004; (440) 933-6233
Corrie Taips Learwood, Eastview   (440) 933-6210, Ext. 2901/3209
Kristen Johnson Westview, High School   (440) 933-6210, Ext. 5107/1572
Yvonne Franke Troy, St. Joseph, Erieview, Redwood   (440) 933-6210, Ext. 7004; (440) 933-6233/4203/6102
Students with backpacks and books

Commonly Used Terminology

Least Restrictive Environment (LRE)

The Avon Lake City Schools offer a legally mandated continuum of services for special needs students. Students are serviced within the least restrictive environment in a cross categorical manner. This means that regardless of the student’s disability, students are educated in the environment that is best-suited or adapted to meet the individual’s needs.

Individualized Education Plan (IEP)

An Individualized Education Plan is an educational plan for your child. If your child receives special education services, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) requires that your child have an IEP.Young girl looking with elbow on desk and chin on hand

Intervention Specialists

Our Intervention Specialists have specialized training, which is required to assist in meeting the needs of identified students. Our specialists are certified to meet the needs of students with Mild/Moderate and Moderate/Intense needs.


A Multi-Factored Evaluation (MFE) is an in-depth analysis of a person's psychological and educational functioning. The MFE includes all factors related to learning including intelligence, learning style, specific social or emotional problems and any other factors that can influence one's ability to learn and function in school, college or the workplace. This information is collaboratively recorded into an Evaluation Team Report (ETR) for each student assessed.

Related Service Providers

Related service providers include, but are not limited to, the school psychologist, speech and language pathologist, school nurse, counselor, adaptive physical education teacher, physical therapist, occupational therapist, visual impairment specialist, orientation and mobility specialist, audiologist and work-study coordinator.


The "504" in "504 plan" refers to Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act, which specifies that no one with a disability can be excluded from participating in federally funded programs or activities, including elementary, secondary or postsecondary schooling.

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