Eye Exam

Eye Exam Requirement

State Law requires a student to receive a comprehensive eye exam from an eye doctor within three months (90 days) of implementation of an initial IEP.  The paperwork to take to the doctor is attached and can also be found at www.iepeyeexam.org.


What is the parent's responsibility?   When the child is initially identified with disabilities, the parent needs to schedule an eye exam with an optometrist or ophthalmologist within 90 days.  If the child had an eye exam during the previous nine months, the requirement is met and a copy of the report should be provided to the school.
Who will perform the eye exam?   The eye exam will be performed by an eye doctor - an optometrist or ophthamologist.
How will the eye doctor communicate with the school about the results of the eye exam?   The doctor will complete a standardized form and return it to the school and to the Ohio Optometric Association.
Who will pay for the eye exam?   Many families already have some form of insurance that will cover the eye exam.  If there is no coverage and cost is an issue, please contact the Ohio Optometric Association (phone 800-874-9111).
What is the school's responsibility?   To notify the parent(s) that the child needs a comprehensive eye exam.  To collect a completed form from the eye doctor.
What happens if the eye exam is not done within the recommended time frame?  Will the child still be able to attend school?


Yes, the child can still attend school.  However, it is important to ensure that your child's vision is not impacting his/her learning.


Routing:  Parent/Guardian to keep this document.