Providing for our staff, students and the community of Avon Lake.

The Technology Office is committed to supporting and promoting student achievement. We provide the resources necessary to integrate technology into instruction and engage students for an accelerated experience.

We also support the business side of education, from the District Office, Food Service Department, Transportation Department, Maintenance Department and Security.

Technology Support Line:  (440) 930-8325 ( M-F 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.) During school days only.

Technology Office Contacts

Scott Wuensch, Director of Technology
(440) 933-6290, Ext. 1177
Email Scott Wuensch

Lynette King, Technology Office Specialist
(440) 933-6290, Ext. 1614
Email Lynette King

Scott Rollins, Technology Service Specialist
(440) 933-6290, Ext. 1234
Email Tom Ansell

Tim Sarraino, Web/Server Technician
(440) 933-6290, Ext. 1588
Email Tim Sarraino

Daniel DeRoma, Security & Controls Service Specialist
(440) 933-6290, Ext. 1233
Email Daniel DeRoma

Nathan Scopilliti, Technology Service Specialist
(440) 933-6290 Ext. 1012
Email Nathan Scopilliti

Brandon Wilson, Technology Service Specialist
(440) 933-6290, Ext. 1011
Email Brandon Wilson

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Office of Technology
175 Avon Belden Road
Avon Lake, Ohio 44012
Telephone: (440) 933-6290
Technology Support Line: (440) 930-8325
Fax Number: (440) 933-6286