Chromebook Tips: Printing

Currently only 7th-12th Grade students are permitted to print.

  1. Mobility Print is an App by PaperCut that is automatically installed to all Accounts.
  2. Click Print or press ctrl and p to launch the print dialogue.
  3. Click on the Drop Down menu for Destination, and click See More
  4. Click Student_Printer – [HYDRAGLIDE] , You’ll see a green Mobility Print icon to the right of this selection.
    1. Students will be denied access if they try to print to Black&White, that is for Staff.
  5. Finish configuring your print settings, and click Print
  6. Sign in to print, Power by PaperCut will appear
  7. Using your student POWERSCHOOL Credentials, enter in your username and password
  8. Click Sign in and print. Your print job will be held in the queue for 24 Hours before deletion unless released at a printer.