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Dear Parents, Guardians and Students:
This week’s announcement by Governor DeWine was something many of us never could have imagined two months ago.  I can’t remember a time in my life where education, or daily life in general, was interrupted for such a long period of time.
As we continue with our remote learning plan for the remainder of the school year, I would like to share several pieces of information with you.
The first is our end of school year timeline.   The timeline includes information on the last day of assignments, as well as a several day period for students to work on any catch-up work or missing assignments that need to be completed.  There is also information about a schedule for returning items to school and retrieving any personal items.  More information about this will be coming from each specific school later in May.  
The next two documents are our grading plans for 4th quarter and second semester.  For grades K-8, each grade will be pass/fail.  For grades 9-12, both 4th quarter and the second semester will receive letter grades. Specific details and explanations about our beliefs, student expectations, and grading are provided in these documents.
I have already had a few parents reach out to me asking about next year.  At this time, we are beginning to look at scenarios based on what restrictions may be in place at the time.  Towards the end of this school year, I will be sending out a survey to get feedback on our remote learning process, as well as to get some preliminary feedback on our needs for next school year.  
As we continue the final weeks of the school year, I can’t thank everyone enough for the wonderful cooperation we have received.  Our staff has done an amazing job adapting to this learning platform with very little time to prepare.  Parents, you have really been a true partner in helping your child(ren) with school work, communicating with teachers and school administrators, and providing encouragement and support.  Lastly, students, I want to recognize the hard work so many of you have been putting into your learning.  The situation you have been put into has been challenging and frustrating at times….but so many of you have gone above and beyond what is expected!
If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to let me know. 
My email address is  
Thank you for your continued support of your child(ren) and the Avon Lake City Schools!
Dr. Jack Dibee, Curriculum Director