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My name is Mike May and I am the Avon Lake High School Principal. I am sure there is a sense of concern as the 2020-21 school year comes to a start. We are certainly in very different times within our daily lives and the educational process is no exception. I believe Mr. Scott said it best when noting, “Even though it is complicated, please remember that our primary objective is to provide a safe learning environment for students, and at the same time, safe working conditions for our staff.  We must ensure our adults are healthy in order to serve our children. We must ensure our students are healthy in order to be able to keep our schools open and not have to return to the nightmare created by mandatory school closure. This is a challenging puzzle because we are balancing mitigation strategies with access to a high-quality education.”

Avon Lake is an amazing, supportive community and it is great to be able to serve as an educational leader! I encourage all parents to stay in communication with our talented staff. Communication is the most crucial aspect for us all as the academic year progresses. We will certainly do our part in leading students to success. 

We will always be working to build a strong sense of community, belonging, and the ability to take appropriate risks, all which are important components of the learning process. Avon Lake High School students will be displaying their Shoremen Pride in their daily interactions, decision making at school, in the community and while supporting their peers at extracurriculars. The student body will truly represent our school, district and community in a positive light. 

I will be communicating through the Avon Lake High School webpage, print media, and my Twitter account @MMay_ALHS. and Instagram mmay_alhs. regarding the excellence we strive for each day. I will continue posting regarding the positive educational items and extracurricular events occurring here at the high school. Also, let’s all try to use social media to display positive messages which our students and faculty are engaging in each week. We can truly lead by example you can also expect a monthly communication letter which will be posted to the website and if necessary available for pick up.

I am looking forward to getting to know the students, staff and community more in depth!

Shoremen Pride!

Michael J. May                                     

Mr. Michael May, Principal

2021 National High School Award

Phone: 440-933-6290
Fax: 440-930-2798

Avon Lake High School
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School Hours 7:45 AM - 2:53 PM

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