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Happy New Year! Hope everyone in ALNation enjoyed peace and love during this special season. Avon Lake is a very special place, with great families sharing common core values. Our schools are a reflection of our families and community. Together, we will work for healthy, happy futures for all.


In the season for Resolutions, we resolve to Never “Fail” a student. As educators, we also Resolve to not accept a student choosing NOT to give acceptable evidence of learning, that reflects his/her ability. (Revisit my September message about everyone’s role in learning.)


OK, that takes care of grades & learning, but our Resolution also speaks to not failing students in the very real “life” issues they face. Anxiety (Peer Pressure; Social Media; Substances/Vaping, etc.) & Depression are the most serious and prevalent issues we deal with in our schools. Every day, many, many students, pre-k-12, come to school under some kind of stress, impacting his/her learning. Peer pressure, self-image, family and health-related problems all contribute to this stress. Whether substantive or perceived, the stress and anxiety students feel is very real, and cannot be ignored.


Leading students to the futures we dream for them consumes so much of our time, that each student’s wellness needs -  while our #1 priority - are often generalized or marginalized. That is unacceptable. Health & Wellness; Teaching & Learning, Safety & Security, always our focus.


There will be a number of Health & Wellness programs for our students, families and community to attend and participate in in the near future. You will be receiving information about our plans and strategies to understand and support each student’s- and family’s - realities and needs.


We are Resolved, in the New Year, to each student’s learning and well-being.

Failure is not an option - for any of us.


Joseph J. Mueller, Principal Avon Lake High School








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