Point of Sale System

July 2022


Dear Parent(s):


Avon Lake City Schools has a computerized point of sale cafeteria system in place.  This allows students more time to enjoy their lunch and gives parents the ability to monitor what their child is eating.  It also allows parents to check lunch account balances.  We have enjoyed great success with this system.


There are several major benefits to our system:


  • Parents can monitor what their child is buying and the food choices their child is making.
  • Students will have more time to enjoy their lunch since lunch lines won’t be bogged down with students searching for money or lunch tickets.
  • Students who qualify for the free and reduced lunch program cannot be identified which can help boost school lunch participation and federal reimbursements.
  • Students with food allergies can immediately be identified by Food Service staff through their personal account.


How does this work?


  • Individual student accounts are set up with the student’s identification number and photo.  Students, with the exception of kindergarteners, will access their account by entering their student identification number into a pin pad.  Kindergarten teachers will take a lunch count and it will be given to the kitchen staff until they learn their student identification number.
  • Parents can deposit money into their child’s lunch account either weekly/monthly or on an annual basis for the purchase of lunch or healthy snack options.
  • Payments can be made online at www.myschoolaccount.com with a credit card or a checking/savings account transfer.  Please be advised of bank fees associated with making online payments: $2.00 flat fee for checking/savings account debit, $2.00 transaction fee for credit cards. Cash and checks will be accepted at the school buildings with no fee, but must be in an envelope with the students name clearly marked.  No payments are accepted during the lunch line.
  • No student will be denied a lunch.  Students will not be able to purchase any healthy snack item if their account has a zero balance with no activity or if their account has a negative balance of $5.00 or more.  Please keep track of your child’s account and the amount of money available at www.myschoolaccount.com. You can also sign up to receive low account balance notification via email.
  • If a student’s account is greater than - $25 in arrears, we ask that they bring a lunch from home until their lunch account is up to date.  Households can also apply for free and reduced lunches.  Applications are processed year-round.


We look forward to seeing your children in our cafeterias and enjoying a healthy and wonderful lunch. Please utilize the www.myschoolaccount.com website.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me — Andrea Sokolow at 440-930-8215, or Andrea.Sokolow@avonlakecityschools.org . You can also find helpful information by viewing the point of sale questions and answers