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Dear Students, Parents/Guardians, Staff, and Community Members,


The 2019-2020 school year is now in the past.  On March 16, 2020 we began an unprecedented three-month journey.  To get to this point in June where we can “close the books” on another school year has taken an effort that has never been seen or needed before.  Together we have persevered!
I am proud of our students and our staff for being able to step up and meet this challenge.  There have been highs and there have been lows emotionally and academically, but we have battled through every day.  I am indebted to our parents and community members.  For 15 years I have written about how we can do anything if we work together.  The last three months have proven that to be true. 
We can all stand tall when we look at the dedication that was shown this year before and after March.  We can stand tall when we see the hard work it took to get us to the end of another school year.  We can be proud that we did not “just get by.”  Avon Lake Pride, Shoremen and Shoregal Pride is a true and honest thing.  Time and time again it has carried us through tough times during this school year.


On Thursday, June 4th, Friday, June 5th, and Saturday June 6th, 321 Avon Lake Seniors received their diplomas in Memorial Stadium at Avon Lake High School and became Avon Lake Alumni.   Our newest Alumni’s path to Commencement was not what was expected or desired.  Cherished activities were missed and anticipated celebrations were postponed and/or modified.  This class’ memories will be different than expected, but those memories will be amazing and unique to the Class of 2020.  Please go to if you would like to see the end-of-year celebrations for the 2020 graduates.   Again, Congratulations Class of 2020!  I am so proud of you.  You have handled the end of your Senior year with grace and poise. I can’t wait to see where you go and what you do in the future.


I wish that I could tell you what the fall will bring for the students, staff, and parents of Avon Lake City Schools.  For the present, as a school district, we are planning our academic program and we are taking care of facility maintenance and facility upgrades.  The governor recently announced that Ohio students will be back in school in the fall.  Our question/the question is: What will that look like?  As I have said before our objectives are to create as safe of a learning environment as possible for our students and staff and to get as many of our students as possible back in front of our teachers in person, every day.
During the COVID-19 crisis things have changed rapidly and often.  From the closing of schools to the recent re-openings across the State the shifts in rules and regulations have often been rapid and confusing.  Avon Lake City School District is ready to adapt to whatever we need to do for the opening of our schools in August.  Patience is very important right now.  Emotions are running high which is to be expected when you are dealing with something that is so important to so many people.  Opinions range from keeping students home to opening school with no restrictions.  As of today we do not have an answer, but I assure you we will keep communicating to everyone affected by this crisis as we receive continued guidance from the Governor and the Ohio Department of Health.


To say that the future is uncertain in June of 2020 may be one of the biggest understatements of all time.  But uncertainty is only a barrier to a positive future if we let it be a barrier.  As I said earlier, the key to moving forward is to work together.  The key to moving forward is to stand together in support of each other.  Each of us is a unique individual.  We cannot be divided by race, gender, beliefs or cultural differences and flourish as people and/or a society.
As educators, parents, and community members we are not only responsible for guiding students’ academic learning, but we must also address the social/emotional needs of all of our students.  Today more than ever we have to oppose hate in any form if we are going to ensure an equitable and positive future for this generation and for generations to come.  Please reach out to each other in support of everyone’s constitutional, civil, and human rights.  We are our strongest as individuals and a nation when we are united. 
Avon Lake City School District stands with the rest of our nation against racism and the inequitable treatment of any person.
Have a great summer! Be safe, and reach out to someone who can use your help!
Bob Scott, Superintendent
Avon Lake City Schools