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Upcoming PARADE details:
We all wish that the school year ended differently. The last few days of school are always a great time to reflect on how much our students have grown and how they have positively impacted us. Even though we cannot be together with our students in person, many of us want to show them our love and appreciation. In order to do so, ALCS will be hosting a “reverse parade”. A reverse parade is when cars drive through a designated area and the participants of the parade line the streets with signs and greet the cars with waves.
When: Thursday June 4th. Rain date will be Tuesday June 9th. Graduates and their families will be encouraged to start driving south on Lear beginning at 7:15 pm and all other ALCS families may join in from 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm.
Where: Lear Road sidewalks starting north of Eastview and ending south of Learwood.
Who: All ALCS staff are invited. We are asking that only staff attend in order to limit numbers and increase social distancing.
What You Need: Signs are encouraged, but your presence is the most valuable.
• Pre-K-4 staff - You will park at Eastview. Please group yourself by buildings and will space out dependent upon attendance. Westview will take the furthest north position followed by Redwood/LEAPS. Eastview will line the sidewalk in front of their building and Erieview staff will line up just south of Eastview.
• Troy, Learwood, and ALHS staff – You will park at Learwood. Please group yourself by buildings and will space out dependent upon attendance. Learwood will line the sidewalk in front of their building. Troy will line up just north of Learwood and the high school to the south.
• Masks- We are asking that all staff respect social distancing protocols in the parking lots and on the sidewalks. Masks are not required in open areas as long as people are spaced out.
• Direction of traffic – ALPD has encouraged us to have cars drive from Electric/Lake Roads towards Walker Road. We ask staff to line the western sidewalks and face north.
• Safety first – Do not encourage or allow students to stop or get out of cars. Avoid fist bumps and high fives.
• Courtesy to our neighbors – We will encourage parents NOT to honk as they drive down the street. Please make sure that all signs and other litter you may bring with you is picked up at the end.
From the bottom of all our hearts, we thank you for all that you have done for our kids. You have made the best of a tough situation. Let us all come together one time to celebrate the kids and our efforts.