News - Covid-19 Heroes Fund

Published on

April 16, 2020


Dear Students, Parents, Guardians, Staff, and Community Members,


I truly hope that everyone has had time this week to put aside some of the burdens we are all carrying in these troubling times and if not, relax and at least find positive footing on which you can move forward every day.  School is only one aspect of our lives that has changed drastically due to the COVID-19 outbreak.  Everyone’s health and well-being must be our number one concern today.  Everything else, including school, will be worked out as we learn to adjust.  


I am proud of the effort that I have seen from our students, staff, parents/guardians, and community members to make school in our stay-at-home environment work.  I am even more proud to watch as our community rallies to take care of each other.  Every day I hear heart-wrenching stories about the virus or about how it is affecting people’s lives.  Then I hear the stories of kindness and selflessness that leave me speechless.  I know that we will get through this crisis and every day I am reminded that people who care and people who are working together are an unstoppable force.


**The cities of Avon Lake and Avon are working together in conjunction with Cleveland Clinic, Mercy Hospital, and University Hospitals to create opportunities for our communities to say “Thank You” to our first responders and healthcare workers who are truly “HEROES” as they risk their lives every day to help control this pandemic.  


Please see the attached flyer for details on how you can donate to the Heroes Fund.  Monetary donations or donations of personal protective equipment can be made at any of the hospitals by following the directions on the flyer.  Or you may wish to purchase a gift card from a local restaurant and either deliver it to the hospital of your choice or place it in one of the designated drop boxes listed on the flyer. The gift cards will also help support our local economy as restaurants struggle to stay open in order to serve us.  Please print the form before you take your donation and note that donations should be made by May 8, 2020.


MARK YOUR CALENDAR, April 28, 2020 – 7:00 P.M.

A Standing Ovation for our Heroes

April 28, 2020 has been designated “Heroes Day”


At 7:00 p.m. on April 28th please join all community members from Avon Lake and Avon

in giving our “Heroes” a 60-second standing ovation.

Whether you are at the end of your driveway or at the curbside

anywhere in Avon Lake or Avon, 

clap your hands or bang on pans!  Make as much noise as you can! 

We want to let our first responders and healthcare workers know how much

we appreciate their dedication to keeping us safe.


School begins again at home on Monday, April 20th.  I have said it before, and I will keep saying it, thank you for everyone’s effort and hard work.  We can be proud of what we have done academically on such short notice and we will only get better as staff and students continue to grow as on-line instructors and learners.  


The two keys to success at this point in the school year are:

  1. Stay engaged and work hard at every lesson/assignment.  Don’t be shortsighted.  What you do today may affect your grade, but more importantly, it will affect where you are academically when we resume a more normal school schedule whether that is on May 4th or later this year.
  2. Communicate with your teachers, counselors, school staff members, and building administrators.  You can only get help if someone knows that you need help.  This is a new learning environment for all of us.   As we move forward communicate your needs and the path to success will be smoother for all of us.  We are doing really well, but we can do better and communicating your needs will help everyone.

I am proud to be an Avon Laker!


Keep taking care of each other!


Stay safe and keep up that social distancing!


Bob Scott, Superintendent

Avon Lake City Schools


Heroes Fund Flyer and Form.pdf