Avon Lake City School District - Substitute Levy - Information Guide

ISSUE #4 Avon Lake City School District – Substitute Levy November 6, 2018

Avon Lake City School District will have Issue #4 on the ballot on November 6, 2018.  Please find information regarding the Substitute Levy here.

The Substitute Levy is not a tax increase for current Avon Lake homeowners.  Issue #4 combines Avon Lake City School District’s three existing Emergency Levies into one Substitute Levy.

The Avon Lake City Schools - Community Communication "Substitute Levy"

Please click "play" on the video below to learn more about the substitute levy option for Avon Lake City Schools.




The B.E.S.T (Building Excellent Schools Team)

The B.E.S.T (Building Excellent Schools Team) presented to the Board of Education at the June 12 School Board Meeting.  The Committee’s focus was to proactively examine options to provide all elementary students a learning environment that fosters growth, emotional well being, and balance.  Please view the presentation HERE for more details.

Quality Profile

The Quality Profile helps to evaluate the effectiveness of our school district beyond standardized testing and other statistical measures. The Profile is based on six categories: academics, arts, student leadership and activities, fiscal stewardship, parent and community involvement, and student services.