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Educational Programming for Academically Talented Students


Boy Looking Through Magnifying GlassThe mission of the Avon Lake City Schools, a District committed to personalized educational excellence, is to challenge students and develop their individual goals through community partnerships, resources, and technology, which will produce responsible, compassionate citizens. In the Educational Program for Academically Talented, intellectually able students follow a curriculum that attempts to achieve this goal. The students experience activities and programs that develop and challenge their abilities to think critically. The program focus is one of rigor and relevance, which will prepare students to face the challenges of the 21st Century.


Gifted identification is in compliance with the Ohio Department of Education guidelines:

Screening - Students are screened in Grades 2 and 5 using the InView test of cognitive abilities. Students in grades 2-8 are screened in Math and Reading using the Measure of Academic Performance (MAPs).

Assessment - Following screening, small group and individual assessments are provided for potentially gifted students using the CogAT, Woodcock Johnson, Stanford, and/or OLSAT.

Written Education Plans - Each year, Written Education plans are prepared for all students who are identified and served.

Referral - Students can be referred for assessment by parents, teachers, or students in September and April (twice yearly). Referral forms are available in the office of each building and online.

Assurances - The District meets the ODE requirements for evaluation of students who are culturally diverse, economically disadvantaged, students with physical and sensory disabilities and students who have limited English proficiency. The District identifies using only state-approved tests which are administered by trained personnel.

Acceleration - The District has a state-approved plan in place.

Outside Testing - The District will accept outside test results , if they appear on the state-approved list.

Transfer Students - The District will review testing from previous schools to determine whether students qualify for service and/or further assessments.

Appeal - The District has an appeals process for decisions regarding screening and identification. The initial step in the process is to submit a written statement to the building principal explaining the reason(s) for the appeal of identification.

Withdrawal - The District has procedures by which parents can withdraw their students from service if they feel the child is unsuccessful in the service or that the service is not meeting the needs of the child. Parents should contact the Curriculum Director or Gifted Intervention Specialist for an initial conference.

Identification Process

The identification process is in compliance with the Ohio Department of Education guidelines.  The Avon Lake City Schools' gifted identification plan identifies students in the areas of superior cognitive ability, specific academic ability, creative thinking ability, and visual and/or performing arts ability.  The identification process consists of three phases: screening, assessment, and identification.

Program Services 2021-2022

Grades 3 and 4 S.O.A.R.

Students of Academic Rigor

Group of Children Working on ProjectCriteria for entrance into S.O.A.R includes a score at the 95th percentile or higher in Math and/or Reading on the MAPs beginning in Grade 2, in addition to a cognitive score of 124 or higher. Service is guided by a Written Education Plan (WEP). Students will participate in a once-weekly full-day pullout immersion program which includes standards-based enrichment in all content areas, opportunities to participate in competitions, development of critical thinking skills, and county-wide enrichment programs.  This year, the program will be housed in all 4 elementary schools.

Grades 5-12 Academic Core Placement

Two Boys Working on Project TogetherStudents with a cognitive score of 128 or higher and/or 95th percentile or higher in any combination of the academic areas of Math, Reading, Science, or Social Studies may have the opportunity to participate in course selections, competitions, and involvement in county-wide enrichment programs. Service is guided by a Written Education Plan (WEP).


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Program Services 2021-2022

Avon Lake Principals
Eastview Elementary 440.933.6283
Mr. Jamie Franko

Erieview Elementary 440.933.6282
Mrs. Melissa Isaly-Johns

Redwood Elementary 440.933.5145
Mrs. Holli Weber

Westview Elementary 440.933.8131
Mr. Nick Moore

Troy Intermediate 440.933.2701
Ms. Mackenzie Hall

Learwood Middle School 440.933.8142
Dr. Vishtasp Nuggud

Avon Lake High School
Mr. Michael May 440.933.6290

Avon Lake Gifted Intervention Specialists

Mrs. Cathy Brady
Erieview and Redwood Elementary

Ms. Kristen Morris
Eastview and Westview Elementary

Mrs. Pam Geraci
Troy Intermediate

Mrs. Kristin Castrilla
Learwood Middle

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Avon Lake City Schools

Mr. Robert Scott,

Dr. Jack Dibee,
Assistant Superintendent

Mrs. Alice Ogonek,
ESCLC Gifted Supervisor

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