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Parents and Guardians of Troy,

                Thank you all for your support and understanding during these difficult times. The range of emotions we are all experiencing is hard to put into words. No one could ever truly prepare for this global emergency. I am proud of the comprehensive efforts that our community, building, district, and state have invested into the continuation of the education of our students. On Friday, I visited each classroom to remind them that things will be okay and that school is just going to be different for a while. We are all going to miss seeing our students every day. The kids breathe life into the building and staff. Many of our kids are in a state of mourning. Their sense of continuity and stability has been shaken. Remind them that while we will not physically see them every day, we will be there for them.

                Since the “normal” rules of school have been altered during this emergency, we must reassess what is most important. Our teachers want the kids to explore, reinforce previously taught skills, and have the opportunity to enrich their learning through interactive technology and traditional resources. Please do not complete assignments for your kids. The teachers will focus their time on giving feedback to you and the kids instead of assigning grades. This does not mean that teachers will not score items. The score and the feedback will be used to show growth, help the teacher guide future instruction, and let the kids know what they need to work on. We encourage you to help them learn and to answer questions, but we need an accurate sample of their understanding.  An “A” is not the goal. The goal is for them to deepen their understanding of the curriculum.

                The majority of instructional materials will be provided online through Google Classroom, websites, and email. For paper copies, pick-up/drop-off of forms, and physical resources, the alcove to the main office will be our 24/7 location. Tables have been set up labeled by your student’s team. A tub is available for you to leave papers and assignments. Please clearly label and identify your student and the receiving staff member it is intended for.

                Staff will be available during the week to answer your questions. Each of us has set aside time to devote to rapid email communication in order to provide feedback and support. Please see the attached list to reference those hours. Staff emails and team websites will still be active and updated during our remote learning. All of us will be checking in on email frequently, but we will be most timely during those assigned hours.

5th Grade Website

6th Grade Website

Troy Staff Online Hours

 Technology needs: Students who still need access to a Chromebook should complete this form:

If you need internet access, Charter will offer free Spectrum broadband and Wi-Fi access for 60 days to households with K-12 and/or college students who do not already have a Spectrum broadband up to 100 Mbps. To enroll call 1-844-488-8395. Installation fees will be waived for new student households.

There will be a link on the webpage for parents or students to obtain help with any technology issues.  

                We all hope that the steps we have taken will greatly reduce the damage done and the length of time needed to maintain these extreme measures. I hope to see all of my students again really soon. Stay safe and give the kids a fist bump (or elbow bump) for me.



Andy Peltz