Troy News - Important August Dates and Information

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Wednesday, August 15th: Schedule Pick-Up Night and PTA Ice Cream Social-

5:30-6:30 5th Grade

6:30-7:30 6th Grade

In order to keep wait times to a minimum and the parking lot accessible, we are asking that people arrive at various times during the windows. In other words, it is okay not to arrive promptly at 5:30 and instead arrive around 6:00 if you are a 5th grade family. If you have children in both grades, try to arrive closer to 6:30 so that we can serve you at the same time. PTA will provide an ice cream treat to all of our kids too. Remember, FEES ARE DUE if you want to pick up your schedule at pick-up night. You may pay them earlier online. 5th Grade $48.00 and 6th Grade $54.00. Schedules will be made available without fee payment at our Material Drop-Off Night and visible through PowerSchool starting Monday 8/20. If you cannot attend on 8/15, you can visit Troy's office between the hours of 8:00-2:30 on 8/16, 8/17, or 8/20 to pick-up the schedule.


Tuesday, August 21st: Material Drop-Off Night-

4:00-5:30 All Grades

Parents and students can walk their schedule, find their locker, and drop off their supplies the night before school begins. There is no presentation or program. This is simply an open house to allow our kids the opportunity to reduce the amount of stuff they have to lug onto the bus the first day. Again, 4:00-5:30 is a window of time. You will only need 15-20 minutes to walk around. Last year the halls were MUCH quieter and easier to navigate around 5:00. No classrooms will be open.

Wednesday, August 22nd: First Day of School-

7:45-2:30. Students will have an extended homeroom period to learn about their teachers and teams and then go through a "normal day" to meet all their teachers and tour the building. We will end with an assembly to kick off the new year.


Wednesday, August 29th: 6th Grade Open House-

6:00 pm start time. Teams will host a group presentation. Details to follow.


Thursday, August 30th: 5th Grade Open House-

6:00 pm start time. Teams will host a group presentation. Details to follow.