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We have a few remaining positions that have been simplified and provide a great way for parents to give back to the school and create great experiences for all of our children.  The great news is that we have current parents that can have done the work so a new volunteer can simply follow the plan that is in place, or add their own creative spin. 

  • President/Vice President AKA Lead Liaison with Mrs. Weber
    • These roles have been rebooted to be a lower ask on time and is more of a liaison between the committees and Mrs. Weber. 
    • A great way to do this is with a friend and having to Co-Leads or President/Vice President and it is a fun way to work together.  Great for a couple to work together too!
    • Estimated time about 5 hours per month.
    • Low learning curve and “training” provided. 
    • Opportunities to be creative to make the role(s) work for you.
    • Current President has offered to be contacted at any time with questions!  

Please contact Jenefer Machovina with any questions or your interest (216)272-0291.  Thank you!

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