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Hello Redwood Parents!  We are actively recruiting parent volunteers to help with activities and events for the 2022-2023 school year!  We have learned a lot over the past two years and have made many simplification improvements to make it easier for more parents to help in a variety of ways.  We recognize your time is valuable and have moved to a team based/committee model.  Everything is always better when you work together with others! 


Here are a few opportunities that are easy and have a low time commitment:

  • Birthday Book Club
  • Book Fair
  • Homecoming
  • Hospitality
  • Night of Lights
  • Reading Challenge
  • Reflections
  • Room Parent Liaison

We also have a few other remaining positions that have been simplified and provide a great way to give back to the school.  The great news is that we have current parents that can have done the work so a new volunteer can simply follow the plan that is in place, or add their own creative spin.  Even though it is a “lead role”, you are still working together as a team.  These opportunities include:

  • President/Vice President
    • These roles have been rebooted to be a lower ask on time and is more of a liaison between the committees and Mrs. Weber. 
    • A great way to do this is with a friend and having to Co-Leads or  President/Vice President and it is a fun way to work together.  Great for a couple to work together too!
    • Estimated time about 5 hours per month.
    • Low learning curve and “training” provided. 
    • Opportunities to be creative to make the role(s) work for you.
    • Current President has offered to be contacted at any time with questions!  
  • Treasurer
    • Basic Level understanding of the budget and balancing with bank statements
    • Basic understanding / use spreadsheet
    • Estimated 2-3 hours per month

If anyone is interested in volunteering or you would like to learn more, please call/text  Jenefer Machovina (216) 272-0291

Help us continue to make Redwood an engaging fun experience for all our children. 

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