News - Virtual Music Performance Opportunity at Redwood

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Does your son or daughter take piano lessons?  Guitar lessons? Violin lessons?

Then Mrs. Orr wants to hear them play!

Since we cannot have a Holiday concert this year and hear our various performers play, Mrs. Orr invites any student who takes lessons to record themselves playing their instrument and send it to her. 

She will compile all of the recordings into a short video to share with the whole school the last

2 days before Winter break. (December 21 and 22)


Please send your student’s video to: no later than Wednesday, December 16th , so Mrs. Orr has time to put the video together.  She is looking forward to hearing some wonderful music!  Oh!  It does not HAVE to be a holiday piece of music, but she does ask that this be for only students who are taking lessons on their instrument and are currently working on a piece.  Questions?  Please email Mrs. Orr at the email address above.