During the 2017-18 academic year, the Avon Lake City Schools Foundation proudly funded 28 educational enrichment grants, endorsed by the District, that created an impact within every school districtwide and, even, offsite, in collaboration with the Avon Lake Public Library, for a Saturday morning Coding Club!  In February, grant recipients were honored for enhancing Avon Lake City Schools’ tradition of excellence with their grants and were presented with a Gold Star helium filled balloon! To view the list of Grant Recipients click here!  Click on the title above for more information!

Funding for educational enrichment opportunities is made possible thanks to generous donations to our Endowments and from annual fundraising efforts including our Back-To-School 5K (Fall), 10 Campaign (Fall), Sale by the Lake (Spring) and by simply shopping at places like Heinen’s, The Rock Pile and GFS Marketplace!

Learn more about the Foundation by visiting us as http://www.avonlakecityschools.org/foundation or http://www.facebook.com/Avon-Lake-City-Schools-Foundation-280089137006/