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2017 Summer Assignments

Click HERE to access 2017 summer assignments. You will be asked to sign into your alstudent account. If you need assistance with your password, please contact Mrs. Kozar ( 

Important Information Regarding Netflix Series, "13 Reasons Why"

Avon Lake High School would like to take this opportunity to make you aware that there is a recently released series on Netflix called “13 Reasons Why” that explores the topic of youth suicide, but does so in a way that is concerning. The show is trending nationally, and locally. It is a 13-hour series depicting strong and graphic themes of suicide, bullying, sexual assault, drug use, and other social issues. Counseling experts across the country are offering tips regarding viewing the show and addressing it with children. We would like to share a few with you.

GPA on PowerSchool

The GPA function in PowerSchool has been turned off because it does not accurately portray a student's GPA.  The only time a student’s GPA is established or changed is when a student earns credit.  A student only earns credit twice a year (January and June). If left on, PowerSchool will constantly update GPA based on each individual assignment in each individual class on a daily basis. Once again, official GPA is only tallied twice a year after each semester has been completed, not on a day-to-day basis. We are hoping to get this issue resolved and are working with PowerSchool to do so.  If a student wants to know their accurate GPA, or needs a copy of their current transcript, please feel free to contact the guidance department at any time. 

PE Waiver Now Online!

The PE Waiver is now online. Any student planning on completing the waiver will need to do so online. All additional activity forms are available online to print off. Attention Juniors - If you are planning on completing the waiver, all forms must be completed by May 19th. Per the PE Waiver Guidelines, it cannot be completed your senior year. Please click HERE to access the PE Waiver. 

Avon Lake City Schools to Improve Our Facilities

As the Avon Lake City Schools continue to improve our facilities, the track and bleachers at Memorial Stadium (175 Avon Belden Road) will not be accessible to the public during the next several weeks. Construction is expected to begin Monday, June 5, with a completion goal of mid-August (or sooner). Over the course of the summer, construction vehicles and crews will be in the area in and around the stadium. Parking lot areas will also be impacted and some will be closed during the construction process. We apologize for any inconveniences. Please use caution when visiting the area near the high school. We appreciate your continued support.