News - A Video Message from Superintendent Robert Scott

Published on

March 28, 2020

Dear Students, Parents/Guardians, and Staff,

Thank you for the hard work everybody has put in the last two weeks.  As we continue with our "new normal" we need to keep our communication lines open (students, teachers, staff, and parents/guardians) and work together to get our social and academic needs met.

We have been sending a lot of written messages lately so I thought I would change it up with a video.  To view the video, please click on the link here.

I hope everyone is remaining healthy and I hope everyone is working hard to follow the Governor's "stay-at-home" rules.  Together we can reduce the spread of COVID-19 and get us back to school as well as back to a more normal way of life! 

Bob Scott, Superintendent
Avon Lake City Schools